Booking In & Booking Out
Intake starts at 5:00pm and goes until 10:00pm. We have 28 available beds in the shelter and numerous accommodations while staying here such as:

- Showers
- Bagged Lunches
- Hot Meals
- Bedding
- Toiletries
- Clothing
- Laundry

All clients are permitted to stay in the shelter from 5:00pm Until 8:00am. If you are staying for a length of time, you can store your belongings on your bunk for the day while you leave. To keep your bed, you must be in the shelter by 10:00pm. If you miss the check in time or do not show up, you will be booked out and all belongings left behind are kept in our storage for up to 30 days.
Food Program
The Lloydminster Men's Shelter serves a continental breakfast. Each Resident is given a bagged lunch to take with them when they leave for the day and we prepare a full hot meal for supper at 6:00pm each night.

For non-residents, we provide hot soup and buns throughout the day to everyone that may be in need throughout the community.
Clothing Program
The shelter accepts all sorts of donated clothing throughout the community. This clothing is given out to the residents at no cost and to others in need.

Common Items:
- T-Shits
- Sweaters
- Jackets
- Spring/Winter Coats
- Pants
- Shorts
- Socks
- Underwear
- Shoes

Depending on the donations, We may have:
- Belts
- Toques
- Ball Caps
- Long Underwear
- Coveralls
- Work Boots
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Lloydminster Social Action Coalition Society 2016   l   Phone: 306-825-3977   l   Fax: 306-825-3976

The Lloydminster Men's Shelter provides outreach services to residents at the shelter and the "Homes for all" program. The overall goal is to help individuals find permanent housing and stable living conditions. This is done by assisting in the following areas:

- Finding permanent housing

- Medical issues - Including physical ailments, mental health and addictions

- Financial stability in budgeting, finding employment and applying for social assistance, disability and pension programs

- Legal matters

- Resolve family issues and maintaining positive relationships
Case Planning
Each individual who comes through the shelter is asked to complete a case plan to help gain knowledge on ways to assist and set up goals to help them progress to the next stage of their life. This is a vital step to a person's future development.
Check-In Times
5:00 PM - 10:00PM
(7 days a week)

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
Lloydminster Men's Shelter
5001 - 48th Ave - Lloydminster, SK - S9V-0V8
(306) - 825 - 3977